There are accusations flying around that the major media and social media giants are deliberately hiding a story about Hunter Biden allegedly putting his MacBook Pro in a shop about a year ago. Supposedly, the shop repair person or persons, while repairing the laptop, noticed that the laptop contained nude photos of one or more underage females, as well as photos of someone strongly resembling Hunter Biden doing drugs, and engaged in sexual activity. Digging further, they discovered emails which appeared to detail corruption of a frightening scale, and the emails directly implicated Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, who is currently running for President. The shop made a copy of the laptop’s hard drive, and turned the laptop over to the authorities, where it ended up in the possession of the FBI. It is not clear if the shop told the authorities they had made a backup. After months of waiting for the story to come out, the shop owner decided to take matters into his own hands, and released some of the emails to the New York Post. The Post published a story, and the rest of the media, including Facebook and Twitter, immediately called the story “Fake News” and blocked it from being spread on their platforms.

So… now the “censoring” of the story has become almost as big a story as the story itself.

So, what can we make of this situation? What are we to believe? Are these emails real? Are there truly pedophile photos on the laptop? Unfortunately, the one federal agency that we should be able to depend on, has failed its mission utterly. The FBI, which botched the Hillary email investigation beyond any measure, apparently has also botched this one.

There should be no argument after this long whether the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden, and whether the contents in question, the emails and the photos, were present on the laptop before it was delivered to the repair shop. No argument at all. Those are the first two questions that the FBI should have determined an answer to. And neither of those questions are difficult to answer. Any competent forensic computer investigator could know for certain within hours.

So why don’t we know for certain? Why won’t the FBI simply provide a definitive statement of whether the laptop truly is Hunter’s, and that the contents predated the delivery of the laptop to the shop?

I’m afraid that I have to conclude that the reason they won’t say is because they undoubtedly know it belonged to Hunter, and that the contents were his own, but just as in so many other recent politically charged investigations, they have chosen sides, and would rather risk what tiny portion of integrity they have left, not to mention engage in conspiracy to obstruct justice, rather than provide Donald Trump with a boost that would probably win him the election.

That’s what this country has become. That’s who we are.