So, it is obvious from the post history displayed on this blog’s home page that my blog activity dropped off the map in 2015, right after I was laid off, and spreads across my writing of four novels, moving to Arkansas, both my children moving away, and losing my brother and mother both to cancer.

The sad truth is that I did that whole “chase your dream” thing, and at first it looked like a good thing. My first book sold very well, and the entire series sold enough to make me feel like I had launched my career in a solid way.

My fourth book, “The Last City” was a complete and utter flop. I may have sold a dozen copies. Total. In a year.

To be honest, that dealt my ego a pretty substantial blow, but more importantly, it meant I had to try to make do with my day job salary, and my current job pays roughly half what my pre-layoff job paid. So things have been pretty rough financially. Still are.

But I am trying to get things stabilized and turned around. And part of that will be to start using this blog again. It has become impossible to put anything on Facebook that has the slightest potential to offend or alienate others, and even though my writing career is currently in a pretty deep trough, I am still a writer (certified member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, if anyone cares) and still need to network, and Facebook is the king of social networking.

I’ll have to work pretty hard to get this blog back to anything like the traffic it had five, or even ten years ago. But the start of that will be to start posting here again.