I assume all of my readers are familiar with the story of Prometheus. In Greek mythology Prometheus was a Titan, one of the race which preceded the Gods of Olympus, but who survived the battle between Zeus and Cronos when Zeus and his siblings overthrew the Titans (as the Titans had overthrown Uranus before them).

In Greek mythology Prometheus is the divine being who was variously credited with teaching humans to use fire, to slaughter animals and keep the good meat (as opposed to sacrificing it to Zeus) and in some cases, teaching humans the very foundations of civilization.

In reward for his efforts, Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock and had an eagle eat his liver every day, while it grew back overnight. That Zeus, what a kidder.

The allegorical message behind the Prometheus myth was that humans received the blessings of civilization as a divine gift, and you can trace that concept all the way through to the Declaration of Independence if you really want to. Prometheus means something like “forethought” and as a concept the name probably most closely means “reasoned thought” or something like that. That’s not coincidental. Prometheus essentially is credited in Greek mythology as the being who taught humans how to be human.

Now, I am probably not the first to point out the striking similarities between Prometheus and Satan (Lucifer). Both were supremely powerful divine beings, Prometheus a Titan and Lucifer the most powerful arch-angel. “Lucifer” means “light-bearer” or “light-bringer” and the name has elements of fire associated with it.

Both Lucifer and Prometheus defied the supreme God of their respective mythologies to give humans their first taste of “knowledge.” Both first taught humans how to (or how to try to) deceive that supreme God. Both were punished for eternity for their sins.

It has always been interesting to me that eating from the “tree of knowledge” was the “original sin” of Christian myth. In Greek myth that same event, delivered by Prometheus instead of Lucifer, was not considered to be a human sin, far from it, it was considered a key event in the growth and development of humankind.

Why do I bring all this up?

Well, lots of events of the past year or so have been used by Leftist moonbats to argue that the earth has grown tired of human arrogance and is out to teach us a lesson. Millions of words of drivel have been published by our major media outlets and spewed out on radio and television about how “mother earth” is striking back at us “arrogant” humans for our sins of burning carbon.

In it’s most pure and essential form, the belief of these anti-human moonbats that “carbon” is an evil source of power is an absolute and direct repudiation of the use of fire itself. burning gas in your car engine is no different chemically and environmentally from burning a log in your fireplace, or in your cave to keep warm and to keep the beasts of night at bay. When people decry the use of carbon fuels, they are effectively calling human civilization itself a “sin.” That’s because there would be no human civilization without fire. Fire, in its various forms, is the unique and critical source of civilization.

When modern pseudo-intellectual moonbats talk about how earth is “fighting back” at humans for their arrogance, they are quite literally no different in any significant regard than the villagers who see a volcano and assume that the gods are displeased with the village. There is no substantive difference between Daniel Glover calling the Haiti earthquake a payback from mother earth for global warming and the seashell and feather decorated village shaman telling the village chief that the earthquake was caused by inadequate sacrifice from the village foodstores.

But there is a more fundamental and disheartening aspect of this anti-civilization perspective. Because at root, that’s what it is. These people are striking a blow against the very foundation of civilization itself. They are quite literally saying that human beings would be better off without fire, so that our use of fire did not anger the spirits of the earth who are displeased when human beings display such arrogance.

In fact, these people aren’t much different in principle than the hard-core fundamentalists of any religious stripe who argue that humans are too arrogant and need to be taken down a peg by their favorite sky-father.

In the end what this means is that for these people, Prometheus literally IS Satan. The “gift” of fire given to humans, as well as the gift of “forethought” or reason itself, is the most deadly of all sins because it has allowed humans to become too powerful and too populous for the good of the planet.

It’s amazing to me that people can express these sorts of views without realizing just how atavistic and anti-rational they are.

I can accept the argument from some people that we need to carefully examine our use of energy and the growth of our species. I can accept that human civilization has had a demonstrable impact on the earth, and that from a purely naturalistic perspective, that impact has been detrimental to the “natural world” as we know it. However, I don’t take a purely naturalistic perspective. Unlike most Lefty moonbats, I don’t accept the notion that the earth was a pure and pristine magical wonderland before human beings arrived on the scene. I don’t accept the notion that every single species on the earth is a special and unique specimen that must be preserved at all costs.

I take a different perspective. And that perspective is that human beings are the literal best hope for earth to have a chance to spread it’s gift of life throughout the universe. No matter what human beings do on this planet, eventually the earth will be a lifeless ball of molten rock, spiraling down into the broiling surface of a red giant star. And that’s if an asteroid, or a nearby supernova or any of a dozen other natural events don’t wipe us out first. Super volcanoes, Pole shifts, orbital anomolies, comets, gamma ray bursts…. whatever your particular brand of poison, eventually something is going to destroy this earth. And if Al Gore and his ilk have their way, when that happens, all of earth’s past, present and future will die and be forgotten. At this point in time only mankind has the potential to spread earthly life beyond this planet, and produce a civilization that can survive a solar flare, or a random passing black hole.

Al Gore and his ilk believe they are protecting the earth, instead what they are doing is making earth a cage instead of a cradle.

Prometheus gave humans the key to leave the cradle.

And I’m dead sick of those brain-dead Leftist moonbats who are hell-bent on taking that key and throwing it away in a misguided attempt to placate some sort of supernatural force which only they can see.

Carbon is that key. Prometheus was right.