So, tonight I sat down and watched my monthly TV allotment (about 1 hour) and spent it on a show called “Meteorite Men.” Yes, it’s another bizarre “reality show,” this one is about a couple of dudes who roam around with metal detectors and ceramic magnets on the end of poles looking for meteorites.

Apparently meteorites are much more valuable than I realized. They keep talking about meteorites the size of pebbles being worth thousands of dollars. Iron meteorites apparently are the most valuable, in spite of being the easiest to find.

The show followed the two men as they spent several days (I think four) in the desert following a “secret map” that some ancient prospector had left behind after claiming to have found several chunks of iron in the Arizona desert. So they visited four “hotspot” locations on the map trying to find meteorites. Specifically they were hoping to find fragments left behind by this famous meteorite, the famous “Tucson Ring” meteorite.


Apparently the Tucson Ring meteorite has some unique composition and it is not known where it actually fell, so fragments from the ring would provide a way to locate it’s landing spot, and since the composition is unique, fragments of the Tucson Ring would be more valuable than ordinary iron meteorites, which are already about twice as valuable as gold by weight.

So of course this makes me want to go out and look for meteorites in my own backyard. Heck, I could be sitting on a fortune and not even know it. I’ve got some ceramic super-magnets and I’ve got a stick. Should be a piece of cake.

Just as soon as the snow melts.