– How to spot a baby conservative

Basically the story says that whiny, insecure children become conservatives and self-reliant, confident children grow up to become liberals.

If this is true (and don’t even get me started on why it’s not likely to be), but if it is true, then the real question the researchers should be asking is why whiny, insecure children grow up to be confident self-reliant adults, and confident self-reliant children grow up to be whiny, insecure adults.

This is only about the tenth “study” done to show how liberals are better human beings than conservatives. The need liberals have to “prove” this says a whole lot about liberalism in my opinion. In fact, I would almost say that the distinguishing characteristic of modern liberalism is this need to feel morally and/or intellectually superior to conservatives. It’s key to the whole liberal self-identification.

Now, tell me how secure, confident and self-reliant that sort of need is.

One more thought…. Assuming there is some truth to this study, and whiny, insecure children become conservatives, based on what I see at the malls, the restaurants and in movie theaters, things are looking bright for American conservatism. Very bright indeed.