It was 20 years ago today.

Like many bloggers I’m engaging in a “where were you then?” moment.

I got married on January 11, 1986. I had recently graduated from college with a degree in physics, was working on a computer science degree while working at a local bank, and was well known to be an advocate of space exploration. As wedding gifts I received two items with Space Shuttles on them, one a needlepoint of a shuttle launch, the other a groom’s cake which was chocolate with a vanilla icing rendition of a space shuttle.

So when the Space Shuttle Challenger was lost on liftoff on January 28, it was quite a blow to me and my wife. I don’t recall exactly where I was when I heard about the Challenger, but I think I was driving back from an early class to go to work. I do remember the sense of loss and shock and immediately began worrying about the future of the Hubble Space Telescope, which I think was supposed to launch in one of the next scheduled missions.

It is easy to forget how heroic our military and civilian astronauts are. I share in honoring their memory.

Space Shuttle Challenger crew
In Memory of the crew of Challenger.