Terrible story

9NEWS – Article – Tug-of-war turns tragic at high school homecoming
PARKER – It was supposed to be a celebration at Lutheran High School, but the homecoming festivities turned into a tragic accident.

During a pep rally inside the school’s gymnasium Friday afternoon, the senior football players took to the court to play a game of tug-of-war with the junior football players.

Witnesses say during the competition, two juniors, who had the rope wrapped around their hands, started to scream.

This is near Denver, Parker is just south of Denver down I-25. It’s basically a suburb of Denver’s metro area now.

Tug of war can be a very dangerous game. Besides this sort of accident, if you break a rope, the energy that is all coiled up inside the rope will snap loose with enough energy to sever limbs.

We’ve banned dodgeball, should we ban tug of war?