Donald Trump Vs. Joe Biden 2020 Quiz: Who Said That Quote?

I used to be pretty good with political prognostication. Not just about election results, but about the consequences of elections as well. But no longer. In the past several years my political instincts have atrophied to the point that I no longer feel I have the faintest idea what will happen in the upcoming election, nor can I say I feel confident that I know what the consequences will be either way it goes.

It just feels like the world has gone insane.

People ask me who I intend to vote for. I tell them I don’t know if I intend to vote for either one. Some insist that all I need to know is what Trump has done for this country in the past four years. Some insist that the only hope for the future is to send Trump packing.

The thing is, I know all the arguments from both sides. I understand completely why people think Trump is great. I understand completely why people think Trump is a disaster.

I just don’t think they’re right, either way. Both sides live in completely different worlds, and neither side lives in the world I live in. They have different facts. Different histories. Different morals. Different hopes. Different dreams.

See, I’m not having a difficult time deciding between these candidates. I’m having a difficult time deciding why I should vote at all. For President, at least.

Everything is polarized. Both sides are retreating further toward their extremes every day. Neither side is able to conceive of a “moderate” or “centrist” position between Left and Right. What a Leftist sees as “centrist” is seen as an extreme Left position by the Right, and vice versa.

All the polls predict a blowout win for Biden. The last I saw gave Trump a 5% chance of pulling out a miracle victory. But that’s pretty much what all the polls said four years ago for Hillary. So who knows? Would it surprise me to see Trump win? Yes. Would it shock me? No.

I try to look ahead to the consequences. If Biden wins, will he embark on the court-packing scheme he is flirting with? Will the nation accept it? We didn’t when FDR proposed the same thing. But then FDR’s own party refused to go along. This nation has already lost all faith and respect for the Executive and Legislative branches. What happens when the nation sees the Judicial branch politicized and and manipulated to force through a partisan agenda? Will a Biden administration declare war on the petroleum industry, leading to skyrocketing gas prices which will have a hugely disproportionate negative economic impact on the poor, and even on the middle class?

If Trump wins, will we see an escalation of the rioting, looting, and violence in the streets that has erupted in the past year? Will there be retaliation against the media and social media for what the Right views as outright attempts to censor conservative speech? Will Trump end up appointing as many as five Supreme Court Justices, and will that truly lead to revoking the Roe v Wade decision?

I don’t know. I do know that all this political upheaval is having a powerfully negative impact on the health and well-being of my adult children. Everything is presented to them, and has been for their entire lives, as apocalyptic, as if the world will end if their preferred outcome in the ballot box is not achieved.

I see all these supposed know-it-alls talking about how “this is the most important election of our lifetimes.” Well, the election is only a symptom of our society. Elections aren’t the causes of these issues. The roots are deeper, stronger, and more consequential. Donald Trump was only elected because a large fraction of our population has lost all faith in our political system and political leaders. Electing Joe Biden won’t fix that any more than electing Obama did. In fact, it may well just exacerbate that if these Hunter Biden emails prove to implicate Joe Biden in corruption far more damaging and illegal than anything Richard Nixon ever conceived of.

If I believed either of these men were men of character, whose only real goal was to serve their nation and do what is best for the people of America first, and the world as a whole second, I might be able to pull their lever with a clear conscience. But I don’t believe that of either one. I believe Biden is a figurehead who will do what he’s told to do by powerful forces in the Democrat party. I frankly question his mental competence. I called him “Slow Joe” decades ago, and he is a lot slower now than he was then. Trump is a loose cannon with severe diarrhea of the mouth. Or the tweet. Both really. He has had more associates sent to prison than any President since U.S. Grant.

What a mess. What a choice. If I were a person of faith, I would pray for guidance. But I’m not. I suspect we’re on our own. And I’m afraid that this nation is going to have to learn a very hard lesson, with a very high cost.

Lincoln was right. He wasn’t just spewing platitudes when he said “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” The problem with this nation is neither Biden, nor Trump. The problem with this nation is that as a people we have lost sight of most basic principles of civil behavior and personal responsibility. We act like spoiled children who are incapable of understanding, much less accepting, that there are different perspectives in life, and that people with different political views and different policy preferences can still be decent, kind, and caring human beings, worthy of respect and being treated with dignity.

We are just a few days away from the election. I still haven’t decided if I will vote for either candidate.