I’ve posted some of my thoughts on this pandemic on Facebook, but Facebook is a dangerous place to post some things. And I don’t want to add to any panic, but I also want to get my thoughts down somewhere they will exist as long as I’m willing to pay for this blog’s domain…

I don’t think Covid-19, or the “Wuhan corona virus” or the “Chinese Flu” or whatever you want to call it, is any sort of existential threat to society or civilization. Our civilization has endured much worse.

But, I do think that we are potentially on the verge of more social and civil unrest than most people might think. And the reason for that is because of our irresponsible and power-hungry political class.

Right now, in Washington, Democrats and Republicans are squabbling like kindergartners over who gets the biggest slice of the looming bailout cookie.

My observation is that there are three sides to this issue, and while two of those sides are perpetually angry, the third side has, up until now, not really been that angry. The three sides are: Partisan hacks on the Right, Partisan hacks on the Left, and the great non-partisan Middle.

Unlike the other two sides, the Middle tends to overlook the political hackery of both sides as they go along with their lives. But this crisis won’t let them ignore the incompetence and irresponsibility of our government. This time it’s affecting the lives of their families. Not just through the potential to get infected, but through the loss of jobs, the loss of property, and the potential for financial hardship not seen in generations.

If Washington can’t get their act together, and soon, I think that anger will grow until it matches, or even exceeds, the anger of the hacks on both sides. And if that happens, that’s when thing could get very ugly, very fast.