Just watched Knives Out. It was an interesting take on the traditional murder mystery. It’s odd twists and turns kept me interested, and at times the story was engrossing.

But it started slow, and seemed at first to be giving away the reveal too soon, but of course in the end that was just a setup. It was a bit too convincing though, and almost lost me at that point.

But what I really liked were the characters. Or some of them anyway. Some I didn’t care for at all. I’ve never understood the appeal of Jamie Lee Curtis, she always rubs me the wrong way. And Don Johnson seemed to be reading his lines.

But Daniel Craig was really good, except for a few times when he let his accent get away from him. I really liked Ana de Armas, and Chris Evans continues to impress me. I think he’s very underrated because of his superhero roles.

If you like mysteries, you’ll like it. If you like good dialog and characters, you’ll like it. If you want a lot of action, it’s not that kind of movie.

I give it four collapsing knife blades out of five.