OK, this isn’t perfect, I’m not the best artist, but here’s a basic concept of what I am thinking about doing for my canoe.

The top illustration is just the canoe with the outriggers. The outriggers themselves are dirt simple to understand. I figure two long aluminum tubes front and back, with 90 degree elbow joints at the end connected to some closed-cell foam elliptical floats. The aluminum tubes will be clamped, or even bolted, to the canoe gunwales. That means there would be aluminum poles going across the canoe, but nothing’s perfect.

For simple stability that’s really all there is. It’s essentially a basic outrigger.

But the bottom illustration shows one thing you could do with the outriggers. This is just a simple set of thin wooden planks to create platforms port, starboard and amidships. Those platforms should be strong enough to hold people, meaning that you could relax on the platforms, or even stand on them to fish.

The whole thing should be simple to assemble, carry and attach, so the canoe could be used with or without the outriggers on a whim.

The only problem is that once you are in the water, you can’t really reconfigure the canoe until you get back to shore.

Other possibilities are to have the outriggers hold storage bins and/or ice chests. Perhaps you could put the platform in the middle and one side and the other side could hold the ice chest and storage…

What do you think?