Just got back home with my new Old Towne canoe. It’s a square-stern three-seater with a 750 pound capacity. Should be enough for me, the Cosmic Wife and one of the Cosmic Kids… I suppose the other one can just swim.

Not sure why I waited so long to buy a canoe. I’ve wanted one forever. I used to have an 18 foot fiberglass bass boat with a 60hp Johnson outboard motor, so I know what it’s like to be on the water all day (and sometimes all night). But I had to retire my bass boat just before getting married due to an unfortunate midnight meeting at top speed with a slightly submerged floating log in the middle of Lake Bisteneau. It broke the transom. Luckily I was able to limp back to the boat dock, but that was the last time I had a boat of my own in the water.

One of the best memories my wife and I have of our first summer vacation as a married couple was tooling around Kentucky Lake in a canoe we rented as we were on our way to her yearly family reunion. We didn’t do any fishing, just paddled around and lazed around in the shade of trees watching the wildlife. So you’d think we’d have bought a canoe a long time ago.

This time I bought a trolling motor too. So we will be able to paddle if we like, but if we want to be lazy and still cruise around, we can go as far as a deep cycle 12 volt battery can take us. Which ought to be pretty far in a canoe.

So tomorrow both of the Cosmic kids are going to be working, meaning the Cosmic Wife and I are planning to have Memorial Day all to ourselves in our new canoe. I’m looking forward to it.