So, our fifteen year old labrador retriever is demonstrating signs of advanced age. She is losing the ability to walk and falls down frequently. I think she is mostly blind in one eye. She has several unsightly growths in various places on her body and she does little but eat, sleep, piss and shit.

It’s the last two that are causing the problems now.

Because she no longer is able to manage her elimination needs in a hygienic manner.

Yes, she is now peeing and pooping in the house on a regular basis.

We are unsure what to do about this.

We don’t want to put her down, but we also are trying to fix up the house for sale, and unsightly stains and smell will put a damper on any slim hopes we have of selling the house.

We are considering doggie diapers, but I suspect she will find this to be one of the few things that will rouse her to action, and she will simply gnaw them off.


Just venting I suppose. I doubt there’s much advice for this situation that isn’t just common sense.

She’s been a good dog for fifteen years. She deserves some consideration in her dotage.