I’m freaking old.

I haven’t played golf since my father passed away five years ago. Today I took a day off and played a round of golf.

I have always walked the course and used one of those hand-drawn club carriers. So I didn’t even think of it when I paid for my round and rented the carrier. Then I went out and played golf.

I thought I was gonna die.

Worst. Round. Evar.

The course I played is in town and spreads across two major boulevards which you have to walk under the streets in long tunnels between holes 11 and 17. So coming back in you have to hike probably half a mile between the #17 green and the #18 tee box. Which is up hill for half the distance.

I shot a 10 on the 18th hole. And I didn’t even really care. I just wanted to be done….

I guess I am going to be using carts from now on…