Since I gave the contestants on the History Channel reality show “Top Shot” grief about their inability to hit a 2 foot diameter target at 200 yards, I thought I should comment on last night’s episode.

For whatever reason, the shooting last night was absolutely amazing. Every single contestant made me feel inadequate. Usually I at least feel I could hold my own, but the entire group was “on” when they filmed last night’s episode.

And the challenges were extremely difficult and physically demanding. The main challenge for the episode was to rappel down the side of a fake building, stopping three times at different levels, draw a pistol, load a clip, shoot three candy jar sized targets, clear and holster the pistol, move to a second window, repeat the three-target shot, then rappel down to the next level until all targets on all three targets were cleared.

The SLOWEST guy did that in about one minute and 45 seconds. I estimate it would take me, oh, probably five minutes, a sprained ankle, a split lip from smashing my face into the building, and at least one bloodied elbow from smacking one of the ledges on the way down.

The elimination challenge was to use a shotgun to blast open a door, then to pick up an assault rifle, locate and shoot three targets, run to another door, do the same, and then repeat that one final time.

The winner did that in about a minute.


I was impressed.