So, we finally got our analysis of our house back from the real estate agent.

The figure he gave us for what we could sell the house for was within a few dollars of what we owe on the mortgage.

And he knew that, I had told him what we owed before he did the analysis.

But he still pushed on with plans to start selling the house.

So I said “What the heck are you talking about? I can’t sell the house for that!” And he started talking about “short-selling” where the bank takes a loss on the sale. Which was like talking about the methane content of Cheerios for all I cared…

So I said “Hey, I just thought of a way to save a ton of money and get out from under the mortgage at the same time?”

“Really? How?”

“I’ll just default on the damn loan, walk away from it, and then I don’t have to pay an idiot real estate agent any damn commission.”

I think we’re done with this real estate agency.