Many blogs make a big deal about their “blogoversary” or anniversary of their initial publication.

CosmicConservative isn’t the oldest blog out there, but it’s been out there for a while. The first CC post was October 8, 2005, or just a few weeks more than six years ago.

Since then there have been 5,294 posts, the vast majority having been posted by me, but with a significant number being posted by Dadman. Those posts have received 20,470 approved comments, an average of just a bit less than 4 comments per post.

That comes to an average of just about two and a half posts per day.

That’s nothing near an Instapundit level of posting, but it’s not half bad either. Since I’m known to be a wordy dude, I’m guessing my average post is at least 500 words, which means that the blog contains over 10,000 PAGES of posts, or roughly 30 novels worth of content. Double that if you include the comments…

Since one of my main reasons for setting up and publishing a blog was so my kids would have something to be able to remember me by when I am gone…. I suspect I’ve achieved that goal and then some. Since I have no intention of stopping this, and I intend to live for at least a couple more decades… By the time I’m gone this blog should be quite literally encyclopedic in scope…

So happy belated sixth blogoversary.