If you get your news from the NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC and/or NPR, you may never have even heard of “Gun-Walker.” But you will.

The modern American political scandal benchmark is Watergate. This is clear when every new scandal has “-gate” added to it. Democrats still crow about how evil Richard Nixon was because of Watergate and how it reveals the evil nature of Republicans.

Watergate was a third-rate burglary of the Democratic National Committee’s temporary headquarters located in the Watergate Hotel. It was a bungled burglary whose acknowledged goal was to steal Democratic campaign strategies so that they could be marginalized. Whether Richard Nixon initiated the burglary or not, he clearly attempted to cover it up and used the power of the Presidency to intimidate those who investigated the event. Even assuming that the burglary was done at the behest of Republican leadership, the goal was for the Republicans to gain an edge in the upcoming election. An election that Richard Nixon ended up winning by an historic landslide even without the secret Democrat strategies. So in the end, as vile and reprehensible as the burglary was, it actually had no impact on the election it was attempting to influence, and ironically became the singular event which caused Nixon to resign and brought us into the arms of the idiot Jimmy Carter. I think the country has suffered much much more from the backlash than the actual burglary could ever have done.

But nobody died. Nobody committed treason. Nobody conspired with foreign criminals. Nobody spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Drax, who comments regularly on this blog, has suggested for years that Obama is pursuing the Cloward-Piven strategy. I have consistently been skeptical of such overt socialist goals, although I have long conceded that Obama is clearly a hard left collectivist at heart. But I have not accepted the idea that even Obama would actively work to destabilize the American economy and government just for the sake of using the resulting crisis as a way to permanently transform the USA into a socialist state.

But then there’s Gun-Walker.

The more that comes out about this scandal the worse it looks. And the larger it looks. Watergate is a schoolyard prank compared to Gun-Walker. There is no way to analyze the events involved in Gun-Walker without concluding that elements of the Obama administration deliberately undertook actions that they knew would result in the deaths of innocent people, provide drug cartels with millions of dollars and destabilize the Mexican government.

In case you aren’t clear on what Gun-Walker is, it was a secret program designed to make military grade weapons available to Mexican drug cartels and to provide those same drug cartels with the money to buy those weapons. This was done at the same time that the Obama administration was publicly accusing US gun merchants of selling guns to those same cartels. In the end some of those very guns sold to Mexican drug cartels using US taxpayer money to buy them were used to kill at least one, and probably more, American border guard. That’s not even counting the Mexican police and citizenry killed with those same weapons.

It is very hard to look at these events and not conclude that elements within the Obama administration were deliberately attempting to destabilize the Mexican government and increase the violence within a neighboring country. How high this goes is a very important question, and one that even the mainstream media is starting to wonder about.

But why would anyone want to destabilize the Mexican government while attempting to put the blame for that destabilization on American gun merchants?

Usually when I am trying to puzzle out the motivations for an action, I look first at who would benefit from the action. So who would benefit from Gun-Walker?

There are two major obvious impacts from Gun-Walker. First, the flood of US guns into Mexico would give a huge issue for gun control advocates to use to attempt to further impose gun control legislation or to even attempt to repeal the Second Amendment. Second, the destabilization and increased violence in Mexico would likely cause a huge increase in illegal immigration into the US.

Both of these are major goals of the Leftist leadership of the Democrat party. It is hard not to conclude that this operation was concieved, coordinated and funded by very high level members of the Obama administration. Very high. And the purpose appears to have been to delibarately increase violence in a neighboring country while also attempting to subvert the existing Constitution.

So I am more or less forced to conclude that whether Obama himself is Cloward-Piven driven, he has put into positions of great power people who are pursuing that strategy.

This is scary.