A few months ago I bought a slingshot. Slingshots are not the same today as they were when I was a kid. This slingshot looks like something you’d find on the Space Shuttle. It’s all aluminum metal with plastic handle and a forearm brace that allows you to relieve stress on your wrist when you haul back on the surgical tubing rubber “bands.”

But in the end it’s just a singshot, with two rubber cords attaching to the handheld forked mount with a leather pouch to load pellets, rocks or marbles.

I practiced with it for a few days and then started carrying it with me when I walked the dog, shooting a dozen or so pellets (bio-degradable ones, ’cause I’m Al Gore’s slingshot disciple) at trees, stumps and decrepit bird-feeders in the yard.

I’ve made some pretty amazing shots with that slingshot. And I’ve pelted a couple of annoying wildlife denizens who wake us up early on weekend mornings.

But as many amazing shots as I’ve made, it’s still a rather scattershot means of hitting a target. Especially when your target is the size of a small bird or a squirrel. So the few times I’ve fired my entire handful of pellets at an annoying woodpecker only to miss time after time, I’ve contemplated purchasing a BB gun for a more reliable means of hitting such small targets.

Well, this weekend I took the plunge and bought a Crossman pump-action single-shot bb/pellet gun.

It’s really more a pellet gun since the BBs tend to roll out of the barrel if you tilt it downward before you fire. The pellets stay put.

So yesterday I did some target practice with the BB gun. I set up a 10m competition target (purchased at Bass Pro Shops, just like the gun) at roughly 15m (paced off to 15 yards) and took some shots at it.

Yes, it’s much more reliable than the slingshot. I never missed the target and put almost every shot into the black part of the target (a circle roughly the size of a soda can diameter).

Just for fun I also took a couple of shots at the target from the same distance with my slingshot.

Right. In. The. Dead. Center. First shot. When I say “dead center” I don’t mean “sorta close to the dead center if you tilt your head and squint a certain way”. I mean Dead. Center. You couldn’t get closer to the center with a compass and straight edge.

So I set up another target and pelted it with the BB gun. Never once hit the dead center.

So today I went out and set up a target at 100 meters and started shooting at it. Out of ten shots I only got two in the target’s circles. Two.

So I tried the slingshot. Didn’t even hit the PAPER.

Shot another ten shots with the BB gun. Another couple of shots in the target, but NOTHING in the black. The black was pure and untouched.

So I cut the distance in half. 50 meters. I pelted it with another ten rounds from the BB gun. I missed the black twice, which sorta bugged me.

So I then just whipped out the slingshot again and hip-shot casually at the target.

Right. In. The. Dead. Center.

I mean perfectly in the center.


Now, does this mean I’m a better shot with a slingshot?

How in the heck did I do that TWICE?