minis_frontSo, here are some photos of some of the miniatures I’ve been painting.


I used a technique called the “dip method” and you can see that the red-skirted army dude ended up with a blob of varnish stuck to his sword arm. I will watch that more carefully, that means I didn’t fling enough varnish off the mini after dunking it. I didn’t even notice that until I took the photo. It’s not nearly as noticeable with the actual minis.

These are at what used to be called “24mm scale” which was the original role playing game scale since that makes a 24mm mini more or less equal to an average height human where 1″ equals 6 feet (sometimes called 1/72 scale). Modern RPG has experienced mini scale creep and the current standard for games like D&D, HeroClicks, WarHammer and others is actually 30mm, so these are actually 20% smaller than the modern standard (which is likely why I was able to buy about 400 minis for such a cheap price) which is quite noticeable. I intend to mount them on thick bases to try to minimize the obvious size differences when using them in actual games, but I am worried the size difference will be distracting.

Still, I’ve learned a ton about mini painting. If I had sets of 30mm miniatures, I think it would feel like painting giants after painting all these.