So… Back in mid-December I was told by my doctor that I tested positive for Type 2 Diabetes. At that time I weighed 205 pounds and was drinking three our four root beers per day, at least one of them a 20 ounce bottle. I was also eating a lot of fast food, particularly french fries and fried chicken sandwiches. I also rarely exercised, mostly only taking a 40 minute walk most days at lunch.

Since then I have made several lifestyle changes. However, in January, while investigating the diabetes situation, I tested positive for protein and blood in my urine. This alarmed my doctor who sent me to a Urologist who put me through a battery of painful and costly tests. All of them came up negative, so the Urologist sent me to a Nephrologist who repeated a number of the tests. This went on for most of four months.

Well, this week I had a test review meeting with my Nephrologist. He said the protein content had dropped almost to the normal range, so he was no longer alarmed by that. However the blood is still present, but all of the tests he ran came back negative (which is good, at the least it seems to indicate that I don’t have bone marrow cancer or Lupus or any of a wide range of really nasty diseases). He did say I tested positive for streptococcus virus in my kidneys, and that could explain the blood. He said it can take years for kidneys to heal from a strep infection. So for now he said I only need to continue doing urine and blood tests every three months, and if it doesn’t show some improvement in six months, then maybe I may need to do a kidney biopsy, but for the moment, he gave me as close to a clean bill of health as possible.

So… I’m finally no longer under a potential devastating health cloud, so I feel pretty good today.

On the scale this morning when I got out of the shower, I weighed 166 pounds. So I’m still losing weight, and I am no longer counting every calorie, so the lifestyle changes appear to be significant enough that I am no longer feeling hungry all the time, but I am still moving towards some new weight standard.

So, 39 pounds in slightly less than four months, and I do feel a whole lot better. Gonna probably do some celebrating this weekend and gain a few pounds….