I pretty much started my new “diet” the day after my birthday, not wanting to spoil my birthday steak dinner plans. So today is day 11 of my serious attempt to modify my diet. Here are some observations…

Yesterday morning I weighed myself on my bathroom scale with my pajamas on and weighed exactly 200 lbs.

This morning I weighed myself on that same scale with the same pajamas on and weighed 197.5 lbs.

That seems weird. I weighed myself more than once each day and got the same readings. I don’t recall doing anything unusual yesterday, but 2.5 pounds in one day? That’s sorta scary. Oh, I did cut my hair before weighing myself this morning, but I don’t have two ounces of hair on my whole body (unless you count my eyebrows, in which case I probably have about a pound of hair).

Five things I have learned:

  1. Walking through a grocery store while on a strict diet is not fun.
  2. I can eat fast food, I just have to order the smallest grilled item on their menu, preferably some sort of wrap. And no fries.
  3. Drinking water actually really is a huge help in keeping your appetite under control.
  4. It is surprising how much more filling your meals are if you take the time to chew the way your mother tried to teach you to chew.
  5. In spite of the bathroom scale telling me I’ve lost something like seven pounds, my pants fit exactly the same as they always did.