Here’s how the call went:

(Her, on script) “Hello, as a contributor to the RNC we need your help to make sure the historic gains in the last election…”

(me interrupting) “You realize that your RNC leadership had virtually nothing to do with the gains in the last election, right?”

(Her, trying to stay on script) “… we have to fight the Obama / Reid / Pelosi agenda…”

“You realize that your RNC leadership has been the group pushing compromise and trying to run those who truly want to fight the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda out of the Republican party, right?”

“We need your help to ….”

“Listen, your leadership, Michael Steele, Karl Rove and the rest of the Beltway Country Club wing of the Republican party did their level best to discredit and destroy the very people who just engineered this ‘historic victory’ you are talking about. Why in the name of all that is holy would I send those idiots money when they have shown nothing but contempt for the conservative values that I believe in?”

“We can’t let the Democrats…”

“Look, I’ll be sending my contributions directly to candidates that I believe in, and in most cases those will be exactly the candidates that your precious RNC leadership will be trying to run out of the party. Don’t bother calling me again.”