Yes, I know that Dallas returned two interceptions for TDs, but hey, that’s part of the game.

So, not too long ago, when I was calling for the firing of Wade Phillips after the Cowboys were 1-4 or something like that, the general response seemed to be that Wade wasn’t really the problem. I said that if they put Jason Garrett as head coach, even if that meant demoting, instead of firing, Wade Phillips, that things would improve. I said the biggest issue Dallas had was that the players simply did not respond to a weak head coach, and that was clear in the many, many mental preparation aspects of the game.

Well after going 1-7 with Wade Phillips, the Cowboys are now 3-1 under Jason Garrett, and that one loss should have been a win, the difference being a pass reception by Roy Williams that should have iced the game being stripped from him, allowing the Saints to march 89 yards and win the game.

I can’t help but think if Wade had been fired two years ago, the Cowboys would be a power in the NFC. They clearly have talent, and so far they seem to be responding to Jason Garrett. Yes, one of the teams they beat is the lowly Detroit Lions, but in this 3-1 run they have beaten the NY Giants and the Indianapolis Colts, and SHOULD have beaten the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

I bet Jerry Jones is kicking himself right now…