OK, we’re now officially two weeks out from the election. Now is when I am expecting the Democrat party and their union thugs to unleash their plan to “influence” the election. Here’s what I predict you will see:

1. Union thugs patrolling polling places. Why shouldn’t they? The New Black Panther case shows that Eric Holder and Barack Obama support their agenda. So you’ll see it redoubled this year.
2. Frivolous lawsuits aimed at every Republican or conservative target they can find. In particular I expect to see dozens of completely unfounded and untrue charges of “voter intimidation” levied against any Republican or conservative who is attempting to ensure a fair and free vote. Poll observers will be especially targeted in an attempt to gin up false charges of Republican voter intimidation both to slime the conservative movement (and they’ll specifically try to tie the Tea Party to such things) and to provide cover for their entirely intentional voter intimidation on their side.
3. Lawsuits to game the voting system, much as they did in Missouri in 2000 and 2004 where Democrats attempted to keep special voting places open while they manufactured thousands of Democrat votes. Look for them to single out inner city polling stations for these shenanigans, and look for the telltale purple SEIU T-shirts.
4. Attempts to interfere with the legitimate voting rights of any group they think will vote in large numbers for non-Democrats. This has already started, and has been facilitated by the Justice Department, with several states not having sent out military ballots on time for the votes to be counted in the upcoming election. Again the Eric Holder/Barack Obama Justice Department will not investigate or prosecute these illegal activities because they are totally in bed with the people who have planned and executed it.
5. Massive disinformation campaigns with the airways flooded by lies of the most unbelievable nature, just to scare people away from voting for non-Democrats. I’ve already heard the first of these playing in Colorado targeting Ken Buck and Tom Tancredo. These are commercials that are funded by groups “not affiliated with any candidate or committee” but which are entirely coordinated by the Democrat National Committee and which are intentionally untruthful and designed to do nothing but slime the opposition.

This election will be the most viciously contested in a hundred years.

And it’s just a tune-up for 2012.