A U.N. biodiversity conference aims to address a simple problem: “We are destroying life on Earth,” said the head of the U.N. Environment Program.

The world cannot afford to allow nature’s riches to disappear, the United Nations said on Monday at the start of a major meeting to combat losses in animal and plant species that underpin livelihoods and economies. The U.N. cited the worst extinction rate since the dinosaurs vanished 65 million years ago, saying it’s a crisis that needs to be addressed by governments, businesses and communities.

via FoxNews.com – ‘We Are Destroying Life on Earth,’ UN Conference Claims.

This sort of breathless, Chicken-Little hyperbole is why nobody pays any attention to these asshats. If these anti-human, anti-corporate, anti-free-market crybabies wanted to have people actually take their warnings seriously, they’d present them in terms that don’t make people blast soda out their nose when they hear it.

Yes, we need to continue to find ways to live more in harmony with our planet. The truth is that in the western world, we are doing BETTER now than we were fifty years ago. And getting better all the time. One reason these asshats are ignored by normal, decent people, is that we’re tired of being told that everything is a horrible crisis when we’ve lived through the obvious improvements of the past 50 years. The air is cleaner in most major cities today than it was in 1970. The environment is cleaner in most of the USA now than it was in 1970. Forested land in the USA has grown by a huge margin since 1970.

If these bozos could get their heads out of their rectums long enough to give some actual thought to things, they might realize that they might get more cooperation from most people if they stop yelling at, accusing and lecturing everyone all the time and spend some time pointing out the progress that has actually been made.

But of course that wouldn’t generate the headlines that the “we’re killing poor Mother Earth!” garbage gets.

Shut up.