In all the media frenzy over Israel’s actions in the past few weeks, one thing that keeps coming up in the news stories, the commentary and the diplomatic mind-games is the repeated accusation that Israel has “disproportionately” responded to the death of several Israeli soldiers and the capture and hostage-holding of two more.

None of these people who are accusing Israel of such a response have ever, so far as I can tell, accused Hezbollah, Hamas or other Islamist fascists of “disproportionate response.”

But isn’t that exactly what terrorism is? Isn’t it a pre-meditated disproportionate response intended to direct attention to a real or imagined political grievance? Are these people who are so quick to accuse Israel of “disproportionate response” implying that Beslan, 9/11, the Khobar Towers, and decades of suicide bombings in Israel are all “proportionate responses?”

Isn’t that the logical conclusion you have to reach since you never hear the words “disproportionate response” when such atrocities are committed, yet you hear it within hours of Israel or the U.S. responding by trying to root out and destroy the terrorists?

Well, it’s the conclusion I’m reaching anway. And it is a very distressing one to reach.