So, Obama has clearly been irked lately by a large part of the American population. According to polls almost 1/3 of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, and a similar number believe he has something to hide about his birth.

Obama’s flippant response was “I can’t walk around with my birth certificate plastered to my forehead all the time.”

Surprisingly, even on the news sites where I’ve seen this covered, the most common response to this quotation is something like “No, Barry, you don’t. Ten minutes would cover it if you allowed hi-res photos of your actual long-form, doctor-signed, witnesses in attendance birth certificate instead of the short-form copy which is not actual proof of anything.”

And that pretty much sums up my opinion on the whole “birther” thing. Obama’s camp continues to say that Birthers are “liars” but the real lie is coming from Obama’s camp, and that lie is that the form they have provided is actual proof of anything. This seems like such a clear-cut and obvious thing to me that it astonishes me how many people seem incapable of grasping the concept.

As I have always said, the whole “born in Kenya” thing doesn’t really matter to me, but the continued effort to paint people with a legitimate question as nutcases does bother me tremendously. I am really sick and tired of Leftists lying by calling people they disagree with liars. But they continue to get away with it, so I suppose they’ll keep doing it.