I’m no longer a young man. Of my 50 years of drawing breath, at least 38 of them have been years where I have made it a point to observe and understand political activities, both domestic and foreign. I remember Watergate vividly, and that happened when I was 13-14 years old.

In all of that time I have watched the difference between “liberal” policies and “conservative” policies.

And in every major political issue I have followed on the fiscal domestic or the national security debate, liberals have been dangerously wrong every time.


Without exception. This is not merely my opinion, this is historical fact. And these are not merely academic disputes, the consequences of wrong-headed liberal policies have been the deaths of millions of human beings and the beggaring of entire socio-economic strata for generations.

I will grant that the social issues are not so clear. There are plenty of times that I have disagreed with social conservatives on key issues, and I feel there have been many such cases where social conservatives have been wrong, but no more than social liberals have been. I’d pretty much say that the battle between social conservatives and social liberals is one where I find myself pretty close to the middle between the two sides. I find abortion to be a genocidal policy that trades the lives of human beings for the convenience of other human beings. It’s hard to identify a more evil act than that. But on the other hand, I’ve never had any problem with a lot of the gay agenda, I just don’t care much for the way they advance it.

But on national security and fiscal conservatism, the difference between the two sides is stark and should be obvious to any rational human being.

“Pull out of Vietnam!” shouted the liberals, and when we did so, millions of humans were slaughtered in the killing fields of Cambodia.

“Cut military spending!” shouted the liberals, and the result was the darkest days of the Cold War and the ridicule of America as a “paper tiger.” Reagan restored America’s military might and the result was the destruction of the most evil empire on earth.

“Expand the welfare state!” shouted the liberals, and the result was a culture of multi-generational squalor, drug use and crime, so much so that Bill Clinton himself signed the welfare reform act that tried to undo some of the damage done by years of entitlement and dependency.

“Unilaterally disarm our nuclear stockpiles!” shouted the liberals, but luckily, so far, cooler heads prevailed and the policy of Mutual Assured Destruction has given the world its longest period of general peace and stability since the early days of the British empire.

In case after case, issue after issue, crisis after crisis, liberals have been not merely wrong, but dangerously misguided and naive.

And yet to this day liberals believe that they are the ones with the answers. And the answers are always the same. “Expand the welfare state!” “Reduce the military!” “Pull out of Iraq!”…

Only a nation of historical illiterates could keep voting these people into positions of power.

So I am forced to conclude that is what this nation is. A nation of historical illiterates. A nation where the majority of people are seemingly too ignorant to be trusted with the most potent ability ever devised on this world. A ballot.

It is hard to see how this will end well. Too many ignorant people vote for the failed policies of the past with an arrogant belief in their own natural superiority. And by all accounts and measures, this nation is not getting less illiterate. To the contrary, they are getting more illiterate every year.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid and their ilk are inevitable. Their policies require ignorance and illiteracy to survive, and that’s just what they feed off of. And the fields are full of plenty of feed for them.