Which is more likely true?
a) Tiger Woods plays better when he has free and easy sex available.
b) Tiger Woods won’t regain his mojo until he reconciles his sordid past.

Why is it so hard for the media to understand where the BP oil spill disappeared to when natural oil seeps around the world pour hundreds of times more oil into the ocean every year than the entire BP oil spill? Do they not realize that oil is a carbon based nutrient bonanza for hundreds of kinds of naturally occuring bacteria? Where do they think all that other oil goes day after day?

I wasn’t able to watch the Perseids last night, it’s been cloudy and rainy pretty much every day for the past two weeks.

Do Democrats really think calling Tea Party supporters “racists” and “extremists” and “dumb-asses” (oh, oops that last one was what Republican called the Tea Party folks…) is going to be a winning strategy for November? Last I checked the Tea Party was roughly five times as popular with the American people as incumbent Democrat congresscritters.

How can a man possibly be 50 years old when he feels almost exactly the same as he did when he was 18?

Does cutting your own hair automatically make you a dweeb?

What company will be the first to market their smartphone as a desktop computer replacement?

Will there be any consequences to the recent revelation that CFL lightbulbs which were marketed as lasting ten times as long as an incandescent bulb have an actual demonstrated failure rate from 5 – 12% in the first month depending on which brand you buy? How long has the government known this? Has anyone calculated the amount of additional mercury in our landfills due to just these early failure CFL bulbs?

Yay, the call is over!!