So, theres a lot of noise in comic-book land about the announced redesign and “reboot” of Wonder Woman, the longest running female superhero.

Here’s an image from the Fox News story (which I couldn’t link, but I could copy… go figure) showing the old and new Wonder Woman outfits:


The most common complaint about the new duds seems to be that it has shed Wonder Woman’s patriotic “stars and stripes” image and replaced it with a “goth lite” look which seems more appropriate for a mall visit than for punching out bad guys.

Now, I guess this is just another example of my over-analyzing of things, but I have no attachment to Wonder Woman’s star-spangled briefs, nor to her gold embroidered bustier. I don’t have any problem with them, except that drawn by certain artists, her briefs have taken on a decidely diaperesque look which I found unsettling.

Diana Prince isn’t even an American folks! She’s an Amazon princess! It makes no sense for her to be wearing American patriotic attire. Now, it makes no sense for her to be wearing that biker-chick-chic either. Not to mention that fighting in a denim (or leather, it’s not clear) jacket seems somewhat constricting to me.

I’ve never been a Wonder Woman fan anyway. I’ve never really been a DC fan in the first place, and there are plenty of other female superheroes that you can choose from if you really want to find one. I’ve always liked Sue Storm, for example, although I liked Johnny’s mutant girlfriend “Crystal” back in the old FF days too. As far as sexiness is concerned, it would be hard to top some of the Wasp’s outfits over the years. But in reality the female villains tend to appeal most to my prurient interests. Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mystique….

Oh heck, back to work… But count me as one who cares not one bit about Wonder Woman’s conversion to a trendy biker chick. I suspect the conversion won’t stick.

Didn’t she wear a white leotard back in the early 80s?