So, I love technology. My entire adult career has been built around technology, especially computer technology. Even today my job as a mid-level manager of a multi-national corporation is in the technology field.

And I just love technology for it’s own merits, apart from the, so far, decent living it has allowed me to enjoy. I love playing with computers, HDTVs, gaming consoles, GPS devices…. It’s all good.

But then my stove gets hit by lightning and I discover that it is irreparable because the microchip controller that runs the clock, the timer and the temperature settings is no longer made and there is no replacement controller available. Which means that the entire stove is useless because of a tiny chunk of silicon, and the only option the “repairman” gave me was to buy a new stove.

Think about that. By weight the affected part is probably 1/10,000th the weight of the entire stove. But without the controller, the stove is essentially unusable.

Prior to the electronics revolution a stove would more or less need to be hurled into a brick wall by a tornado before it would be “irreparable”. Now all it takes is a power surge and any stove a decade or so old (ours is almost exactly a decade old) is likely to no longer have replacement electronic parts, and becomes just another potential artificial reef component.

There is this place that claims to repair controllers, and I’ve contacted them, but if the controller was truly burned out by a lightning strike, I’m not sure how it can be “repaired.”

I’m hoping they can, but I doubt most people would have gone through the effort I went through to find a place that claims to repair obsolete electronic controllers. I suspect the vast majority of home owners would simply sigh and head to the local appliance store.

Something’s just not right with a culture which turns an entire stove into junk just because a microchip got burned out.

And on top of that, charging me $65 just to come out and tell me that the controller is burned out and I need a new stove seems like good work if you can get it. grrrr…..