Drax has many times commented here that Obama’s true agenda is to destroy the current American economic system to put in place an ideologically derived collectivist state.

Up until now I’ve resisted that blanket accusation of what amounts to actual treason because I’ve simply thought that it’s too close to fringe conspiracy lunacy.

But watching Obama’s reaction to the BP Oil Spill, I’ve finally reached the tipping point. There is no other explanation for his actions that do not require assigning Obama the brain capacity of a rotten walnut. He has to know that his actions have greatly exacerbated the crisis. He has to know that there are resources begging his bureaucracy to help the beleaguered gulf states, and that there are resources engaged which are being stymied in their efforts to collect the oil, clean the beaches and build protective sand berms to keep the oil from reaching critical fisheries and marshes.

After 71 days and constant attention being called to the Federal Government’s obstruction of local and state attempts to deal with the catastrophe, and after thousands and thousands of articles written and photos taken of the wasted assets, wasted time and wasted efforts, it is completely inconceivable that Obama and his aides are not aware of these obstructionist activities.

I guess the last straw for me is when Obama summoned a group of legislators to the White House to discuss his “energy plan” and when one Senator basically said “we’ll listen to your tax plan after you’ve addressed the oil spill” and Obama’s response was to snark “that’s just your talking point for the day.”

Because of this and the pattern of behavior I’ve seen over the last two months, I am forced to conclude that Obama truly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the tens of thousands of lives being impacted by the oil spill. He truly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the beaches, the marshes and the ecosystems being damaged. He truly doesn’t care if it takes three months, nine months or nine years for the area to recover.

All he cares about is getting his agenda pushed through.

I said when this man got elected that he was a dangerous man. This is the sort of thing I was concerned about. Now I am convinced that Obama truly is completely unmoved by Americans hurting, and is completely uncaring about ecological damage to, at least, southern “red” states. I am forced to conclude that Obama truly wants to extend this environmental disaster as long as possible for the sole purpose of using it as a launching point for his anti-business, anti-American, anti-energy carbon vilification agenda.

You win Drax. Obama is not incompetent, he is the true believer you have painted him, and what he believes in is the very antithesis of what this nation was founded upon and what has made it the greatest nation in the history of the world. I can not rationally conclude anything else.