Andrew Breitbart offers $100,000 to anyone who can provide him with the full contents of the “JournoList” that Dave Weigel revealed when he resigned his WaPo position.

Lefties like to accuse conservatives of having “daily talking points” distributed by shady backroom manipulators (Karl Rove mostly) and toeing the party line like mindless sheep.

The reality is, as usual, that the Left mostly accuses the right of using the tactics they secretly use. And “JournoList” was exactly that sort of community of conspiratorial “reporters” who were cooperating to shape the media narrative to advance the goals of the Left. It really exists. It has for years.

And Andrew wants the world to see what it is and has been doing for Democrats.

I wonder if $100,000 is enough to tempt someone into turning over a copy of the list server.

This could be interesting.