Arg…. I thought both of our TVs had survived the lightning strike, but apparently not. Our downstairs TV is fried.

Our insurance deductible is $1,000, which means it’s probably going to end up being cheaper just to eat the cost of our lost electronic gear. The wiring in the house that needs to be fixed might end up being on the house itself, instead of the contents, and so the deductible doesn’t apply. However a “depreciation allowance” does apply, which probably means they only pay half of the cost or something.

Ug… this is starting to get unfortunately unpleasant. Still, the house didn’t burn down and nobody was hurt, so I should probably still be counting my blessings instead of moaning about the property damage….

UPDATE: So, the Cosmic Wife usually likes purchasing extended warranties on stuff. I usually don’t. My argument is that the odds of needing to use one are pretty remote, and the cost is usually on the order of 5 – 15% of the cost of the item.

However, on our TVs she prevailed and purchased extended warranties. So I just read through the coverage and I’ll be danged if “power surge” isn’t listed specifically as a covered event. So I called up the number on the warranty card (which is called “Sam’s coverage” or something like that) and the nice lady asked me a number of questions about the TV, the event and the receipt I had in my hand, and said “we’ll send you a box and a shipping label within three business days. Pack the TV as instructed and have it picked up and we’ll return it within 8 – 10 business days repaired.”

Just like that.

I will be amazed if it ends up being that easy, but that’s what she said.

Sam’s Club. You know them, the place that smug liberals like to sneer at. Yeah that place.

It’s a Vizio TV btw, American made.