Well, I made my first batch of home made ice cream using the Cuisinart ice cream maker. (It’s actually an ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet maker…)

A few comments about the process. When I opened the box, I expected a bucket with a cylindrical ice cream holder and a motor placed on top to spin the ice cream holder. I expected to need crushed ice and rock salt. After all, that’s what every ice cream maker I’ve ever seen looked like.

Not this one. This ice cream maker is the B-2 bomber of ice cream makers. It reeks of technology and convenience. It needs no ice or rock salt! Whoa… I guess that man-on-the-moon science and technology actually has provided boons to mankind after all.

To make ice cream on this machine requires no messy ice and rock salt slurry. Instead you put the ice cream bucket itself into the freezer. For 24 hours or so. The ice cream bucket has an internal cooling fluid that freezes in the freezer. When you want to make ice cream, you simply take the frozen ice cream bucket out and pour your ice cream mix into it and then you turn it on and the magic happens. The box says “Ice cream in 20 minutes!” or something like that, and that’s true if you happen to have had the ice cream bucket in the freezer for the past 24 hours. And you have to wrap it in plastic to avoid “freezer burn”. But they don’t provide a plastic bag, so I ended up wrapping mine in Saran Wrap.

First I was going to make the simplest ice cream imaginable, plain old boring vanilla. But the Cosmic Son prevailed upon me with his firm endorsement of ice cream of the chocolate variety. So I decided to make chocolate instead.

But to make chocolate ice cream requires heating the milk, powdering the chocolate in a blender and then refrigerating the chocolatized cream and milk mixture for two hours before making the ice cream. So when they say “20 minutes for ice cream” they clearly mean “20 minutes for plain vanilla ice cream which requires no melting and re-refrigerating of the ice cream mix”.

So the end result is that I was up ’til almost 12:30am making ice cream. Or making something very close to ice cream. The ice cream maker doesn’t actually completely freeze the ice cream in the maker itself. It comes out at more or less the consistency of a Wendy’s Frostee(TM). If you want your ice cream harder than that (say, for example, hard enough to make an ice cream cone) they recommend that you put it in the freezer for a couple more hours.

So that’s what I have now, a bit more than a quart of chocolate ice cream in the freezer where it will be at the mercy of the Cosmic Son, Daughter and Wife all day before I get a chance to get home and (hopefully) partake of the fruits of my labor.

Now, I did sneak a spoonful of the partially frozen mix before stashing it in the freezer. There is no doubt that it is creamy and chocolatey. Very creamy and chocolatey.

I’m looking forward to an actual scoop of the stuff when I get home this evening.