I’ve already recently posted on this subject, but this story has a bit more detail than my short comment. Here’s an excerpt:

SUNSPOTS come and go, but recently they have mostly gone. For centuries, astronomers have recorded when these dark blemishes on the solar surface emerge, only for them to fade away again after a few days, weeks or months. Thanks to their efforts, we know that sunspot numbers ebb and flow in cycles lasting about 11 years.

But for the past two years, the sunspots have mostly been missing. Their absence, the most prolonged for nearly a hundred years, has taken even seasoned sun watchers by surprise. “This is solar behaviour we haven’t seen in living memory,” says David Hathaway, a physicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

What stories like this gloss over is the fact that Global Warming advocates have for the past few years been saying that the sun’s diminished activity is a short-term phenomenon and that the sun is about to come roaring back with a vengeance, greatly increasing the danger of Global Warming. I’ve seen stories for the past year warning about how the recent solar minimum has lulled foolish denialists into a false sense of security that is about to be shattered by the sun’s sudden outburst of record levels of heat.

But the sun isn’t doing that, and the earth continues to cool at a rate that is even larger than the warming that the Goreites have warned about. The potential for a new “little ice age” is something these fools better start looking at. Unlike “Global Warming,” if we actually experience “Global Cooling” that would be a serious problem for the human race. Cold has always been vastly more detrimental to human civilization than heat. Yesterday it snowed in south Africa for the first time in 20 years, and it’s not even officially winter yet.

Which points out another convenient lie that the Warmists spout, that the decade long cooling trend is restricted to North America, but the rest of the world is heating. This lie gets repeated ad nauseum by Warming advocates even though the Antarctic ice sheet has been growing steadily for the last decade.

I’m not rooting for a new ice age, but I do wish the “consensus scientists” who have their heads up their colons would take it out long enough to look at the actual facts.