So I’m driving to work today and I get behind some pony-tailed aging hippie in a Toyota Camry with the following bumper sticker on his car: “Doing my part to piss off the religious right.”

And I’m wondering, “does this hypocritical moron even realize that he’s advertising his intolerant bigotry?”

Lefty Palin-haters have diverted their interest from Sarah’s uturus and are now openly accusing her of having a boob-job based on a photo of Sarah at the Belmont stakes in a white T-shirt. I thought the supposed entire legal, ethical and moral case the Left screeches about in support of abortion is that a woman’s “medical decisions” are sacrosanct and private. I guess when you’re a conservative woman, not so much.

You really should visit blogs like Huffpo to read some of the hateful comments made about Sarah’s boobs. My favorite though was a rebuttal that Glenn linked on his site, saying that the Left should be concerned not with whether Sarah enhanced her pair, but whether Obama will ever grow a pair.

The photo of Sarah that sparked all this speculation is pretty hot though.

I just found in my computer bag the headphones I was issued on our plane flight home from Kentucky. Apparently I put them there when we were preparing to land instead of leaving them on the seat. Am I a thief?

Speaking of that flight, the lady sitting next to me (on the aisle) had placed three bags on the floor in front of her (we were in the very first row, so there were no seats ahead of us) and had them open as she addressed the needs of her brood which sat across the aisle from us. I thought each passenger was allowed only two bags, but none of the flight attendants said anything. When the Cosmic Son had to use the on-board facilities it took her about five minutes to pack everything up so he could exit the row. What level of self-absorbption in life do you have to reach before you are that willing to flout posted rules and inconvenience your fellow humans just so you can get what you want as easily as possible? My long-time theory of such things is that people who exhibit such extreme selfishness are far more likely to commit crimes than other people. If I ran the world, I’d put a tail on someone like that and I’m sure I’d catch her in some illegal act on the way home from the airport…

Youtube and other internet sites are simply overflowing with demonstrations of how to combat oil spills in the ocean. I’ve seen demonstrations of using hay to absorb oil, barges which suck up water and centrifuge the oil out, oil eating bacteria, cheesecloth filters…. you name it. I’ve seen absolutely none of these things actually tried in the Gulf. Doesn’t it seem like we could get a couple tons of hay and see if it actually works instead of just having the President desperately looking for an “ass to kick?”

As part of this attention on the BP oil spill, I have discovered that spills like this are relatively commonplace, especially off the coast of South America and Africa. Why is it an international event when it happens in the Gulf of Mexico? Don’t the “environmentalists” care about any other part of the ocean? Why wasn’t it 24×7 news when a similar, but larger, event happened off the coast of Argentina a few years ago?

In case you didn’t know, there is a comet that is getting to be naked-eye visible over the next few weeks. Comets are incredibly unpredictable things to predict brightness, but in case you have a set of binoculars handy, you might want to keep an eye out after dark.

Last year at this time NOAA and other scientific sources predicted the return of sunspots and the start of a solar maxima cycle. So far the sun still appears to be remarkably quiet. I’m keeping an eye on it…

How can it be less than two weeks from the official start of summer and the weather service is predicting snow at my house tomorrow? Global Warming?

So, just this morning I officially got caught up on my work backlog since coming back from vacation on Monday. I wonder what the average time it is for the average worker to recover from a vacation backlog, and whether the stress of finding that pile of emails and work requests ends up being more than the supposed stress relief of taking a vacation in the first place.