So, I’m very seriously considering quitting my raiding guild. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of which I have mentioned in previous WoW updates. Basically I’m not happy with the way the guild treats newer members, and I don’t like how they approach recruiting and training new raiding members.

The last straw was yesterday when one of the guild members in guild chat announced an ad-hoc raid in one of the new raiding areas (IceCrown Citatel 10-man), but did not invite me to join them since my gear is not yet top level raiding gear. I pointed out to him that my gear was listed by a couple of WoW character ranking sites as being optimal for the raid he was running, but he said he didn’t want to have any party wipes so was looking for characters with higher level gear. I pointed out to him again that it was through these guild raid runs that guild members acquire the gear he is looking for, and pointed out that I had a long and successful raiding history with the guild, but he was unmoved, and soon I saw him trolling in the general channel for DPS to run his raid with. As it happened another guild was putting together their own ad-hoc run in the same raid (ICC 10 man) and they needed a DPS and invited me. Their gear was mostly similar to mine, and in fact I ended up being second overall in damage output during the raid and was top damage output on every boss fight we had (Rhlyssa is optimized for boss fights so she doesn’t do well on “trash” mobs where area of effect spells can really ramp up a character’s damage output). In fact the other guild was very appreciative of my participation and were very forgiving of the one major error and several minor errors I did commit.

So when we finished I thought about how my own guild had treated me compared to how a random guild had done so and I came within a single return key press of quitting the guild. But I thought “I better sleep on this” and escaped out of the quit command.

But I’m still pretty sure I’m going to gquit tonight. I’m just debating now whether I should post something on the guild’s website about why I am leaving.