The vote was close last night in D.C.

Believe me, as a son of an Air Force veteran and brother to both another Air Force veteran and a Navy veteran, and as a committed conservative, I find burning the American flag deeply offensive.

But I do not support any legislation to ban flag burning because it’s just a waste of time and political grandstanding anyway. The SCOTUS will overturn any statute banning flag burning anyway. The only way to get flag burning criminalized in the U.S.A. is through a Constitutional Amendment.

And I oppose that for the following reasons:

1. There are far more important things to spend our political capital on than banning flag burning.

2. I don’t believe that “offensive” and “criminal” are the same thing. This is exactly what conservatives give liberals grief about, so I consider it hypocritical to rail against “political correctness” laws and then try to create what is essentially an exercise in political correctness myself.

3. I don’t really mind being able to identify the moonbats in our society and watching someone burn a U.S. flag is a pretty good way to identify them. I consider it sort of an early warning system for locating the looniest of the fever swamp denizens.

4. It is unquestionably painful, frustrating and maddening to watch, but I can handle it.

5. On rare occasions I can accept that such a striking political statement might actually be justified. For example, if the U.S. were to accept that the International Criminal Court had jurisdiction over U.S. citizens, then you could argue that the U.S. as a sovereign state had ceased to exist, and burning a flag to make that point seems justified to me.

Just my thoughts.