Today there was a school shooting at the “Deer Creek” middle school, which is close enough to Columbine High School to literally be on Columbine drive. It’s a couple miles away from Columbine.

Apparently some nutcase came on campus as school was letting out and pulled out a high-powered rifle and started shooting middle school kids. As he was finishing his second shot a math teacher tackled him and a couple other teachers joined to hold him until the police came. The two kids were reported to have non life threatening injuries.

What a world.

As if that’s not strange enough, the local radio talk station, 850KOA, was all set up for breathless coverage of the Darrant Williams murderer trial. Darrant Williams was a cornerback for the Denver Broncos who was murdered on New Years day 2007 as he was leaving a downtown Denver party bar. As the school shooting unfolded KOA decided to mostly stick with their (no doubt costly) minute-by-minute coverage of the trial, providing only short snippets about the school shooting that had happened just a few hours earlier.

What a world….