OK, so let’s say you are reading an action/adventure novel, or watching an action/adventure movie. (No this is not related to my still-not-yet-finished novel….)

Let’s say that the protagonist is a special services guy who specializes in hand-to-hand combat, with a particular focus on light blades, such as knives, daggers or short swords. As part of this specialization he is trained to throw knives and daggers with accuracy up to fifty feet. (A historical example would probably be Jim Bowie, of the Bowie knife fame). Besides his training in combat, he is also trained in sleight-of-hand, cut-pursing and pick-pocketing.

Now, this guy is in deep cover in a foreign land where he speaks the language fluently and fits in with the locals in every meaningful way (meaning clothing, habits, idioms, etc.) As part of his assignment he is supposed to meet with a local person who is involved with the local mob. Unfortunately he discovers that the association his contact has with the mob is that his contact is basically a gladiatorial slave in an underground arena combat where the combatants sometimes fight to the death.

Entering the arena he spots his contact involved in a 2×2 combat with two dagger-wielding twins. His contact’s partner is a stout sword and shield wielding dude, and the contact himself is wielding a large mace.

Not realizing that he would encounter such a situation, the hero has not brought any weapons with him. As he watches, his contact’s partner is cut down as the twins work a marvelous feint to pull the contact out of position where both twins converge on the unfortunate victim. Now the two twins are circling the hero’s contact, who has already been wounded himself, although he’s also cracked a few of one of the twins ribs with his mace.

The hero realizes that his entire mission will fail if the contact is killed, and the twins have murder in their eyes. The fight is happening on his side of the arena, maybe 50 feet or so away from him, and ten feet below (he is in the arena stands). The lights in the stands are low so the focus can be on the gladiators. Most of the audience is drunk with either alcohol or bloodlust or both. Near our hero is a particularly loud bunch of partisans rooting for the hero’s contact, obviously drunk. Some of them have knives on their belts. Realizing that he has to save the contact’s life, but without revealing himself, the hero decides to risk everything by taking action.

Now here is the question. How plausible is the following set of events?

1. The hero pulls a dark hood over his head, hiding his features.
2. The hero stumbles drunkenly into the group of drunken fans, knocking two of them into several others, causing three to fall to the ground with beer, pretzels and peanuts flying everywhere.
3. As they fall to the ground, pretending to try to catch one, the hero snags the largest, most balanced looking knife from his belt.
4. Ducking quickly aside as the scrum turns into an angry profanity laced barroom brawl, the hero moves away from the brawl and ducks behind a supporting pillar holding the roof of the arena.
5. As security forces rush towards the brawl, he takes a quick glance to be sure nobody is watching him.
6. Feeling that all eyes are either on the combat in the arena, or else are on the brawl now 15 feet to his right, he quickly throws the knife at the closest twin, who is at that moment engaged in mortal combat with his contact. This is the uninjured twin, of course.
7. The knife is thrown with force and accuracy, striking the twin just under the arm as his contact swings a haymaker with his mace. The resulting combination of knife and mace kill the twin, leaving the contact now with a much more survivable fight.
8. As the knife is thrown, without even waiting to see if it hits, the hero swiftly, but nonchalantly, moves down the stairs towards the exit.

OK, so assuming the contact can now defeat the remaining twin in 1 on 1 combat, is it realistic that the hero could have done these things and exited the building before being caught?