So the “scientist” who first sparked the frenzy of blame for autism on the MMR vaccine has been found to have faked his data and over-hyped his conclusions as well as behaving unethically and putting the children in his research at physical risk of permanent harm. It is just a coincidence that he had a monetary interest in a competing treatment that would have made him rich if the vaccines were stopped.

Continuing a month of skeptical victories, the UK’s General Medical Council has found that Andrew Wakefield — the founder of the modern antivaccination movement — acted “dishonestly and irresponsibly” when doing the research that led him to conclude that vaccinations were linked with autism. This is being reported everywhere, including the BBC, Sky News, the Yorkshire Evening Post, and more.

As the father of a child with autism, this sort of thing really bugs me. The sheer agony of wondering if a vaccine we agreed to might have been the cause of our child’s autism is hard to describe.

As a confirmed skeptic I have never accepted the vaccine-autism link as being very likely. I wonder what Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have to say about this?