OK, another day of nothing but deck. Sheesh, what a job.

So, upon examining the “splicing” the previous deck builder had done on the east side, I discovered something astonishing. The northeast corner of my deck had not been attached to the east side of the deck at all. They had instead cantilevered the deck out fully six feet into thin air, where it was hanging on by one board that was rotted about 1/4 of the way down. I’m amazed upon realizing what had been done that the deck had not collapsed, or at least sagged dangerously. The thing that is so amazing about this is that they cantilevered the deck out six feet where it hung four inches from a perfectly good 4×4 redwood post.

So I had to do pretty major surgery on that portion of the deck, and it took me pretty much all day, but now I’ve got the north side of the deck, including the northeast corner, framed and hung with fresh new joists. (I keep wanting to call them “jousts” for some reason…) All that is left to do in that section is to put in the Trex flooring and the spines (if that’s what they are called).

Now I have the biggest section left, the east section which is the exit from our kitchen door. Up until now I’ve been manhandling 6 foot sections of pressed and treated 2x8s. The kitchen section requires setting 12 foot sections of pressed and treated 2x10s. So they are more than twice as heavy. Which means it is not likely that I’ll be able to handle them by myself up on a six foot ladder. My plan is to clear out all the old joists, reframe the perimeter with new girders, put up all the joist hangers, then put them all up one after another…

Then I have to seal and paint everything.

Then I can start putting the Trex flooring on, and finally I can reattach the spines and replace some of the railing boards.

Oh, and then replace all the steps with new redwood steps. I couldn’t use the Trex for the steps because the stairs are too wide. So I’ll probably be replacing them in a few more years. By then maybe they’ll have composite materials as strong as wood that can be used as stairsteps.

Whew, I am sore and tired. But I figure I’m more than halfway done now.