Mary McCarthy has been identified as the CIA agent who leaked information to the press about Al-qada prisoners being held in Europe by friendly governments. This is good news for two reasons.

1. It shows that someone in the CIA is investigating the pattern of anti-Bush leaks from the CIA.

2. It gives us a chance to examine the ideology of one of the anti-Bush leakers.

So who is Mary McCarthy? She was a top-level member of the Clinton administration who reported directly to Sandy Berger.

Who is Sandy Berger? He is the ex-National Security Adviser in the Clinton Administration who was caught stuffing classified material into his pants to steal it from the National archives.

Mary McCarthy is clearly a disgruntled ex-Clinton staffer. If the situation were reversed the press would be calling her a “Bush crony” so I’ll call her a “Clinton crony.” She has violated some of the nation’s most important national security laws.

But as of this writing there is no indication that the Bush Justice Department intends to criminally prosecute her.

This absolute unwillingness to follow through in prosecuting people for criminal acts because of the political connections is one of the main reasons I am getting fed up with President Bush. He should throw the book at this lady. She could very reasonably be said to have committed treason with this act. And apparently her leaks are broader than this one that has been reported.

Hopefully even if Bush will not prosecute her, the investigation into anti-Bush moles in the CIA will continue. It is not good for the world to not be able to trust our intelligence agencies. I don’t care which side of the political aisle you are on, if you don’t understand that intelligence agencies cannot leak this sort of information without seriously damaging our country, then there really isn’t much to talk about with you.

Except to say this. Presumably, since you are okay with this action because it hurts Bush, you acknowledge that when Hillary becomes President, loyal Bush conservatives should do the same thing to her to undermine her agenda. Regardless of the damage to US interests.

Somehow though, I don’t think you will be. It’s only okay when it targets Bush.