Some thoughts on the incident at Fort Hood in Texas yesterday:

  • I wish I could even be surprised anymore at how desperate the PC liberal mainstream media is to avoid any mention whatsoever of a perpetrator’s religion and ideology if they are obviously Muslim. This is the same press that routinely speculates on the suspicious religious motivations of any conservative event, from tea parties to voting for a Republican.
  • There needs to be an investigation into the military. This guy posted anti-American screeds online, was “violently opposed” to American action in Iraq and Afghanistan, gave a speech this year where he defended suicide bombers as “heroic martyrs” and who expressed satisfaction when a Muslim soldier went on a rampage in Arkansas killing and wounding soldiers there. The fact that he was not observed constantly is proof that PC correctness is more important to our military than actually saving lives. This man was an obivous ticking time bomb that was left to fester because the military brass didn’t want to risk being attacked by Katie Couric for “profiling” a Muslim.
  • Obama has proven once again how unbelievably amateurish and insensitive he is. His team lets the press know that Obama will address the shooting at the start of another meeting, so the cable news networks line up and put him live on TV. The moron then spends three minutes doing a light-hearted intro to the meeting as if nothing important was going on. Only after three minutes of banter does he somberly mention the Ft. Hood event. If people aren’t outraged over this, I don’t know what will wake them up.
  • The same press that shouts “We must not RUSH TO JUDGMENT on him because he’s a Muslim” has NO PROBLEM rushing to judgment claiming that this is probably related to the stress of being an active duty officer in the evil American military.
  • Has anyone else noticed that this occurred in a “gun free” zone of the base? Coincidence? I think not.
  • The reaction to the event on pro-Muslim blogs has been predictably anti-American and pro terrorist. Well, not all of it has, but ENOUGH of it has to turn any reasonable person’s stomach.
  • This is why I have no problem whatsoever being more suspicious of devout Muslims who express jihadist beliefs than, say Mormons. And I intend to continue to be suspicious of people like this killer.
  • This man was a psychiatrist in the military. Does that bother you as much as it bothers me?