Should we go to war with Iran if they truly are developing nuclear weapons?

This leads to what is perhaps the strongest argument I’ve yet heard that we should not have gone to war with Iraq. The argument boils down to “the people of the US only have so much stomach for war and Iraq has exceeded that limit, so now that we need to go to war with Iran, we no longer will have the nation behind us, so it is politically impossible.”

If there is anything that we should have learned from history, it is that we should listen to tyrants when they tell us what they want to do. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hirohito, etc. All of them broadcast to the world their intention to dominate the world and to exterminate those they despised. And all of them did so to the tune of nearly 100 million dead human beings and vastly destructive wars both cold and hot.

So when the President of Iran says “I want to wipe Israel off the map.” and “I want to kill as many Americans as possible.” and “I want to have Islam as the rule of law over the whole earth.” I choose to believe him.

And believing him, I have to believe that war with him is preferable to submission to him.

That’s what makes me a conservative I guess. It’s not that complicated to me.