Maybe I’m the first to use these words to describe the economic revival that has occurred in the past 4 years under George W. Bush. Certainly I haven’t seen such words used to describe the economy from the NY Times or the other self-important but nearly obsolete vanguards of the “mainstream media.”

But the numbers are inarguable. Unemployment at it’s lowest point in six years or more, record growth in personal income, home sales booming for years on end, a resurging stock market and increased revenue for the US Government itself. All of this in spite of the devastating economic consequences of the stock market bubble and the 9/11 attack, as well as two foreign wars fought and won. (Yes, the US won the second Iraq war, it’s the peace that we are struggling with now).

It is quite likely that no US President in history has had to deal with as much and done as well as GW Bush in pure economic terms. So why do nearly 60% of Americans polled say they disapprove of Bush’s economic performance?

Because the Republicans continue to allow the Democrats, Hollywood leftist activists and the mainstream media to own the collective American consciousness.

You cannot go ten minutes on a news or talking head program without hearing someone hammer on the “Republican culture of corruption.” This is no coincidence, it is a well-planned and well-executed public relations campaign aimed at Republicans in general and Bush in particular, and it has been wildly successful in hurting the Republican party.

I offer the “Bush Boom” sound bite to Republicans free of charge to treat with the same diligence and fervor that the Democrats talk about the “Culture of corruption” or the “Iraq quagmire”. Play the game as if you want to win folks. Get a game plan. Test it out, then execute it.

If every Republican Senator put “thanks to the Bush Boom in the economy…” in their speech, it would soon become enmeshed in the collective consciousness of this country, mostly because it is so undeniably true.

So try it on your own blogs. “The Bush Boom continues into its fifth consecutive year…” etc… It’s worth a try folks.