So I’ve been working way too late on this .NET project. I’ve made good progress though. But my blog posting is WAY down from normal. And there is so much going on that I’m missing. The Cynthia McKinney story is just too funny for words. Democrats make so much hay from the “culture of corruption” sound bite, Republicans need to find something to fight back with, and “culture of haughtiness” or “cultural elitism” or “Too big for their britches Dems” needs to be given the same treatement as “culture of corruption.”

Too bad Republicans are so incredibly incompetent at public relations. They could have a field day with this “But I’m a CONGRESSWOMAN, I don’t need no stinkin’ name badge!” issue. They should tie that to national security somehow. This is something every citizen who has had to take their shoes off and walk through a metal detector can understand as pure arrogance run amok. So use it!

Remember John Kerry’s hotel requirements? More grist for that mill.