A California man [one Richard McCroskey] who recorded violent rap songs and posted them on his MySpace page was arrested Saturday by investigators who suspect him of killing four people in a central Virginia college town. … McCroskey was immersed in the so-called horrorcore rap music scene, and he recorded songs that spoke of death, murder and mutilation under the name Syko Sam. His MySpace page says he has only been rapping for a few months.

Shrim said even though horrorcore focuses on murder and other morbid subjects, performers and fans shouldn't be labeled as violent people.

"People get the impression we're these twisted, sick individuals and we don't have hearts and we just want to talk about murder and the devil," he said. "But we just want to express that other side of life."

Suspect Captured in Virginia Quadruple Murder – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News – FOXNews.com.

This “Shrim” fellow is a fellow morbid rapper who runs a record company called “Serial Killin Records”. He also performs morbid rap. This is a sub-genre of rap which glorifies murder, mutilation and other violent acts.

No, they aren’t sick, disturbed individuals at all, they just like to sit around and record songs about murder, mutilation and defiling graves and stuff like that. Just good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm…